Year Winner Institution Title
2019 Kara de la Harpe
(Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Wits University An advanced 3D monofilament biosuture
2019 Yasmine Khan
(Pharmaceutical Practice)
Nelson Mandela University Proposed antimicrobial stewardship curriculum for the South African Bachelor of Pharmacy programme
2018 Locarno Fourie
University of the Western Cape Synthesis and evaluation of fluorescently linked polycyclic cage derivatives for application in neurodegenerative disorders
2017 Too few entrants
2016 Angeliki Messina
(Pharmaceutical Practice)
Wits University Evaluation of collistin utilization in patients with multidrug-and extensive drug-resistant gram-negative infections in four private hospitals in South Africa
Werner Gerber
(Pharmaceutical sciences)
North West University Effect of selected disintegrants on drug membrane permeation
2015 Karmani Murugan
(Pharmaceutical sciences)
Wits University Surfactant-directed synthesis and self-assembly of geometric cytotoxic copper nanocrystals
Jessica Dreyer
(Pharmaceutical practice)
North West University Self-reported use of methylphenidate by hostel students at a South African tertiary academic institution
2014 Frank Zindo
(Pharmaceutical sciences)
School of Pharmacy, UWC Polycyclic propargylamine derivatives as multifunctional neuroprotective agents
Michelle Theunissen
(Pharmaceutical practice)
School of Pharmacy, UWC Pharmacists’ perceptions of occupational specific dispensation (OSD)
2013 Anzelle Delport
(Pharmaceutical sciences)
School of Pharmacy, NWU Antidepressant properties of azure B and a synthetic analogue of methylene blue
Jaycee van Rooyen
(Clinical/Professi onal services)
School of Pharmacy, NWU Assessment of potential drug-drug interactions among South African children and adolescents receiving antidepressants
2012 Wayne Mentz School of Pharmacy, NWU Novel sulfanyl-and sulfinylcaffeine analogues as inhibitors of monamine oxidase
2011 Ameena Wadee School of Pharmacy, Wits Determination of the effect of release of methotrexate from anin situforming implant on colon carcinoma cells andin vivostudies in the rat model
2010 Tafara Jambwa School of Pharmacy, TUT Aloe extracts as excipients in controlled release matrix type tablets
2009 Theunis Cloete School of Pharmacy, NWU Eflornithine derivatives for enhanced oral bioavailability in the treatment of human African trypanosomiasis
2008 Ilze Vermaak School of Pharmacy, TUT The effect of simulated gastrointestinal conditions on the antimicrobial activity and stability of medicinal plant extracts
Hendrik Lemmer School of Pharmacy, NWU S-nitrosylation and its influence on the calcium channel activity of polycyclic cage amines
2007 Bennie Repsold School of Pharmacy, NWU Inhibition of monoamine oxidase B by selective 7-substituted coumarin derivatives
2006 Louis Prins School of Pharmacy, NWU Pentacyclo[5,4,02,6,03,10,05.9]undecane as carrier molecule for neuroprotective NSAIDS
Estee-Marie Holmes School of Pharmacy, NWU The synthesis of stavudine derivatives for transdermal delivery
2005 Michael Klos Department of Pharmacy, NMMU Selected cyclic dipeptides as potential cytotoxic, antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory agents